Designed & Handprinted in Ireland by LiKE

"4 IN A ROW" Indoor/Outdoor Sticker! 75% DISCOUNT ON FINAL STOCK!

"4 IN A ROW" Indoor/Outdoor Sticker! 75% DISCOUNT ON FINAL STOCK!

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Celebrate Limericks' All Ireland Hurling Final "4 IN A ROW" winning streak with our indoor / outdoor sticker! 

Its Water Resistant, UV Protected, Weatherproof, and has a Gloss Laminate Finish.

LiKE's "4 In A Row" sticker is 100% Designed & Made In Ireland.

Perfect for displaying on your car, shop window, bar, restaurant, hotel, office, front door, or maybe on your fridge! Show your team spirit wherever you LiKE with this exclusive sticker from LiKE today! 

Sticker Spec:

- The Sticker will not damage the paint on a car. 

- You can easily remove the sticker anytime you want, it is not a permanent fixture.

- When you wash your car the sticker won't damage or fall off.

- It is Water Resistant, UV Protected and has a Gloss Laminate finish. 

To ensure that your sticker is long lasting and looks good, follow these application steps:

  1. Clean: Make sure the surface of where you're placing your sticker is clean and dry. Remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Peel & position: peel off the back of the sticker and position it where you want it displayed.
  3. Apply with a cloth: use a dry cloth to smooth the sticker against the surface and to remove any air bubbles. You can always use your hand to apply the sticker but a handy dry cloth will work really well and give you a decent smooth finish. If you mess it up you can gently peel the sticker off and try again. Slow & Steady wins the race here!
  4. Step back and enjoy! 

Take a look at our 'how to apply your sticker to your car' video clip on this page.

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